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Welcome to Uncovering Hidden Risks, a broader set of podcasts focused on identifying the various risks organizations face as they navigate the internal and external requirements they must comply with.
We’ll take you through a journey on insider risks to uncover some of the hidden security threats that Microsoft and organizations across the world are facing.  We will bring to surface some best-in-class technology and processes to help you protect your organization and employees from risks from trusted insiders.  All in an open discussion with topnotch industry experts!

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May 26, 2021

When Professor Kathleen Carley of Carnegie Mellon University agreed to talk with us about network analysis and its impact on insider risks, we scooched our chairs a little closer to our screens and leaned right in.

In this episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks, Liz Willets and Christophe Fiessinger get schooled by

May 26, 2021

Oh my gosh
Oh my gosh, I’m dying.
Oh my gosh, I’m dying.  That’s so funny!

And in just three short lines our emotions boomeranged from intrigue, to panic, to intrigue again…and that illustrates the all-important concept of context!

In this episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks, Liz Willets and

May 26, 2021

Words matter. Intent Matters.  And yes, most certainly, punctuation matters.  Don’t believe us? Just ask the person who spent the past five-minutes eating a sleeve of cookies reflecting on which emotion “Sarah” was trying to convey when she ended her email with, “Thanks.”

In this episode of Uncovering Hidden...